HPCI strategic program "The Strategic Program for Innovation Research (SPIRE)" Field 2, "New Materials and Energy Creation"

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About TCCI

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About TCCI

What is TCCI

TCCI stands for Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Initiative in IMS. TCCI is one of the strategic organizations of Computational Materials Science Initiative (CMSI) which is responsible for HPCI strategic field 2, "New Materials and Energy Creation" of "The Strategic Program for Innovation Research (SPIRE)" of MEXT, Japan. The representative organization of CMSI is the Institute for Solid State Physics (ISSP), the Univ. of Tokyo.

The five years from April 2011, TCCI is using the petaflops machine "K computer" which is located in the Advanced Institute for Computational Science (AICS), RIKEN, to promote the strategic research. In addition to the large-scale computational molecular science research using massively parallel computers, TCCI is engaged in the activities of the field promotion, i.e. the cooperation with industry and experimental researchers, and the human resource development.


About TCCI

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